Press Release

Notification: Blacklisting Dayalbagh Educational Institute from or its affiliated entities

Due to the pressure from people in power of Dayalbagh Educational Institute unofficially, we're blacklisting "Dayalbagh Educational Institute" and its related people, and revoking access to, "LEARN. TEACH. GROW. (Initiative)", & other. 

The founder of is continuously being defamed, criticized by employees, and students of Dayalbagh Educational Institute. 

People in power from Dayalbagh Educational Institute are also questioning our credibility to help Ignorant Students. They're trying to stop our non-profit initiative (LEARN. TEACH. GROW.)

We respect the University, but because of the mental pressure by people in power, we need to blacklist it. Our community is in the early stage and we really don't want any criticism and mental pressure so far as we're doing hard work to build our project better and better. 

We're independent and working hard against Financial Difficulties, Mental Pressure, Health, and a lot. If these things will not stop in the future, we need to stop our community organization, and possibly, it will make an impact on the career of our Team members. 

Literally, we don't have any support of celebrities, and powerful people, even we don't ask for donations as we're doing the things independently. We're highly requesting you to stop it! Please stop all the things!

We'll soon release another update with GDPR Request step-by-step Procedure, if you're related to Dayalbagh Educational Institute, you can request us to delete your data immediately and permanently from our website in case of any data we've collected from you.

Have Patience! 

What is Technical 0812 or

Technical 0812 also known as is an Indian not-for-profit community founded in 2016 with the idea of providing digital education resources, online safety, and cybersecurity awareness education. 

In March 2020, Technical 0812 has signed on as a partner of STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ program, the global online safety awareness and education campaign powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, and become an international partner of the program to promote online safety and awareness worldwide.