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Wait wait wait... Before moving to the next let me clear up one thing

Don't think OR stop thinking about "Yet Another Boring Long Story Type Blog"

Umm... No, It's clear NO... It's not like this... believe me...

DON'T PANIC... Technology is Fun, & Technology Entrepreneur Vimal Daga says "None of the technologies is complex since created by human beings. Hence, anyone can learn and create something new."

How to succeed?

When you read any of the articles on this website, you'll find meaning-focused short and brain-friendly concepts but just reading them won't work at all.

You'll be supposed to do the following things:

Take notes, Make notes

It's not what is defining, it is clearly saying, whatever you'll read, take the content and paste it into your notebook's left page, & on the right page, you need to make your own notes.

For Example: If you're learning the 'window.location' in Core JavaScript from our website, you need to take the note on the left page, and it's not limited to. After, you need to go beyond the knowledge on the left page and go deep dive into the 'window.location' internals on your own (Don't worry, I'm gonna show you how to do that in a fun way).

So, If your Left page is ABC, your right should always be ABCDE & beyond the Z

In conclusion, add your own recipe on the right page.

Always do practical exercises

At the last or in between the article, you'll find the practicals to perform so that you can sync with your conceptual knowledge in reality by doing things.

I'll ask you to answer on, discuss on & more.

Get Started from here and accelerate your Technology Journey.


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will update you soon...

About Prashant, our Tech Mate in this journey

Hi, I'm Prashant, I'll never let you down and will put my efforts to simplify complex technological concepts. DON'T PANIC... We're here :)

Don't Panic

DoN't PaNiC

Don't Panic
SpaceX, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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