DSA isn't a Rocket Science

Updated: Oct 9

The topic "DSA" is not a Rocket-Science but can do revolutionary things when implemented properly ‎️‍🔥‎️‍🔥‎️‍🔥

To learn DSA you need to first understand the following things 👇

- Understand how programs use computer memory to store data OR how computer memory stores data?

- Start with Array, just array; not any programming-specific perspective, just understand what array looks like; for example:

ceoOfMNCs = ['Elon Musk', 'Tim Cook', 'Sundar Pichai']

OR it's a simple list of CEOs of MNCs having Elon Musk, Tim Cook, & Sundar Pichai as three data elements.

- Understand 4 basic operations of any data structure: Read, Search, Insert, Delete & understand how they relate to Computer Memory.

- Don't jump to the Big O Notation thing directly.

Let's understand Array 101 with our ceoOfMNCs example array:

- the foundational Data Structure and a list of elements.

- the counts of the elements in the array begin with 0; So, for our example array ceoOfMNCs, the elements "Elon Musk" is at index 0, "Tim Cook" is at 1 & "Sundar Pichai" is at 2.

- index of an array is the number that identifies where a piece of data lives inside the array.

PRO-gramming Tips


  • basics of programming like conditions, variables, loops, etc. (not any specific language, just concepts)

  • what arguments you're taking as input parameters?

  • what type and data you're returning?

  • steps / algo to perform operations or solve a problem.

  • each step & statement like printing the value, comparison, etc. & debugging so that you can seriously understand what's going on in the code you're writing

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